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Access controller

Elevator management system DTM 04

Do you have problems with unauthorised access in your hotel? Such problems are quite common as receptionists do not always recognise all guests and could not be aware that unauthorised people are in the premises.

Access control system in lifts is the solution to these problems. The readers allow guests to enter only the floors they have been authorized to. If the guest room is on the first floor, this person cannot take the lift to other floors unless such authorisation was given.

Lift controllers increase security and improve the management as they allow you to control all floors in your building.

Lift controllers are operated with Mifare cards and could be integrated with one-key system so you gain the access to the restricted zones in the premises with one programmed card with unique ID.

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Two-way access controller MJM 02

Access control system helps you increase the security of your facility.

Two-way access controller gives you full control over the access to all rooms in the premises. You can create the zones which can be entered only by the authorised people.

This solution prevents unauthorised access to all rooms and zones in your facility.

The reader works in one-key system – the guest gets the access with one programmed card. Facility managers can check the events in the given controller – ID card and opening time.

  • operated with Mifare cards
  • integration with fire protection system- in case of fire alarm the doors will be automatically opened
  • one-key system element
  • built-in buffer batteries – the controller can be operated even in the case of power cut
  • memory of last 400 events – ID card and opening time
  • dimension: 111 mm x 94 mm x 39 mm

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One-way access controller MJM 2700

Access controller MJM 2700 is an element of access control system which can be mounted outside as it is weather-resistant.



The reader is operated with Mifare cards so it prevents unauthorized access in the building. Memory of a few hundred events allows you to check who was in given rooms – the entry includes card ID and opening time.

The reader can be mounted on the exterior doors – during the day it is unblocked while at night only people with programmed cards can enter.

MJM 2700 controller works in one-key system so the authorized people can move freely in the given zones only with one card.

Access controller is equipped with buffer battery so it can work despite power cut.

Access control units can be integrated with fire protection system – in case of emergency the door controlled by such unit will automatically open.


  • Dimension: 153 mm x 78 mm x 22 mm
  • Supply voltage 12 V DC
  • Relay output: max 3 A 12 V DC

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