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Be-Tech One Key System

Be-Tech  One Key System allows you to get access to all doors, lifts, car park and locker locks with only one programmed card.

Each user can open the rooms according to the given authorisation. Hotel guests get the access only to the limited zones in the object. Such solution increases security and improves the quality of service as guests do not get many keys or cards and do not have to memorise codes to different rooms.

Solution for Hotels and Resorts:


What you get

Be-Tech One Key System gives you:

Comfort – you do not need many keys any more. You just carry one Mifare card, wristband or sticker.

Security – each MiFare item (card, fob, wristband, sticker) gives limited access. If the card is lost you can easily delete it and issue a new one.

Each employer is given a personal card with certain access permissions which can be changed at any time.

The hotel cards can be programmed so that they give access to e.g. SPA zone and car park. Guests who do not pay for extra services can only open their rooms.

How it works

  • You issue cards which are valid for a limited period of time, you can cancel cards at any time
  • Staff have cards with certain access permissions
  • Lost cards can be easily deleted in the programme. You can be sure that the card will not be used improperly
  • Guests who have not paid to stay longer in their hotel rooms will not enter the rooms again.
  • In case of any theft or another incident you can read the entry records – who and when opened the room
  • Renting hotel rooms without your knowledge will not be possible – the staff needs to issue a card for each guest
  • You can open locks with mechanical keys in case of emergency
  • You do not have to carry many keys –  you just have one Mifare card which will open the chosen doors
  • You can set the locks to function as normal locks – you need to programme the lock with a special card,this function is very useful in conference rooms.

In one key system you can manage both your staff and guests.

The system allows you to control the access to all rooms. You can view who, when and how long is in a given zone.


Be-Tech One Key System:

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Why our system

Our products combine the highest quality with an attractive price.

We and our distributors installed thousands of locks in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Malta, Ukraine and Norway.

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The quality of locks is confirmed by certificates. Hotel locks offered by abiLine company and its partners have the certificate confirming compliance of the product with fire safety requirements EI30. 

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