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Be-Tech- reliability and security

Be-Tech Security Ltd. is a worldwide producent of locks, access control and safes for hotels and other public facilities.

Since the company establishment in 1992 Be-Tech has continued to lead the market by continuously launching innovations, research & development and modern manufacturing technology. Be-Tech offers electronic security solutions to the hospitality industry and facilities where people need smart security solutions. Each solution should match the clients’ requirements and ensure the maxiumum security. Be-Tech is recognized as the expert and leader within the industry.

Each solution is designed to meet our client’s needs for security, organization and convenience.

Be-Tech Security Ltd. produces hotel locks for auch brands as: Omnitec, Indel-B, Hoist, Hartmann itd. 

Be-Tech locks are installed in many hotels all over the world and are approved by prestigous InterContinental Hotel Group.

Brand concept

For over 20 years, Be-Tech has established itself as a world-class, high quality producer of security products – with an emphasis on electronic locks.

Be-Tech has developed a reputation based on innovation and integrity while driven by the dream of making the best security products. In order to meet consumer and market trends, Be-Tech continuously develops an international presence.

Our staff truly believes that Be-Tech can establish itself in a constantly changing global marketplace.


Why Be-Tech products

High quality

Be-Tech designs and manufactures high quality state-of-the-art solutions that aim to enhance overall guest experience and drive down operating costs. The offer includes RFID locks, electronic safes, electronic locker locks and access control solutions.

In-house product engineering team has over 50 dedicated engineers.

All locks are built & tested to withstand wear & tear and extreme temperatures. All of the circuit boards within locks are manufactured in-house. All products are designed, assembled and tested in-house.

All products are designed according to BHMA/ANSI & EN and have RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certifications.


Be-Tech deliver high quality electronic locks to the hospitality industry through experience, knowledge, modern technology and the best materials. By focusing on modern manufacturing factory and internal resources, Be-Tech has been able to continuously develop products matching customer needs.

Since the beginning of development, we have designed according to the most demanding BHMA/ANSI standards, Be-Tech’s electronic locks are tested to more than 1 million openings.


Our commitment and strength is to offer the highest reliable security under affordable cost for both your hotel and your guests. Through experience, knowledge and modern technology, Be-Tech has continued to provide reliable and valuable solution in over 20 years.

Be-Tech is known worldwide for its security and reliable solutions with a flexible and powerful operating system.

Be-Tech is your best choice, when security counts.


Be-Tech electronic hardware and technology is designed to allow future upgrades and thus make your investment last and value.

Be-Tech operating systems are feature-rich, easy to use by your staff, and easy to interface with any PMS and POS,  and other hotel systems.

All Be-Tech electronic locks have been designed with the end-user, human factors and ergonomics in mind. The solution ensures an intuitive use and comfort level both for your guests and your staff.






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